5 Eco-Friendly Local Products To Buy That Makes Mother Nature Happy


Plastic pollution has been around since industrialization and it gets even worse. It is also important to note that plastic pollution is only one aspect of why the next generation is going to suffer.

Did you know that only 9% of our the world’s plastic waste is being recycled while 12% of our total plastic waste is burned/incinerated. Yep! In short we are not doing a good job at keeping our planet clean and thriving.

Although, the top contributors of this pollution are the big factories that process natural resources into tools and products that provide convenience to human life, we the consumers have the power to influence this production. If we all decide in our own way to use eco-friendly “substitutes” to our plastic daily use items, it would mean big for the future generations that would inherit our earth.


Here is a list of 5 items from local brands that can make it easier for you to make the switch from plastic/processed to natural/eco-friendly. By replacing these traditional daily used plastic items, you can make a dent in not only through your personal practice but also through the influence and awareness that your eco lifestyle will bring to your circle.

Ethical and with a heart for nature, these are the brands that we need to patronize.

Don’t forget to share not only your advocacy to your family and friends but also the journey. Because the shift to an eco lifestyle does not happen overnight. It is a slow and consistent process that involves micro consumer decisions to contribute to the healing of the world.

Scroll down to see eco friendly products that can have big impacts on your environmental footprint.

1. Bamboo Eyewear

There is no better way to look good and stylish while reducing plastic pollution with a pair of lightweight bamboo sunglasses.

These sunglasses are super sturdy and also works the same way as your standard Raybans. Bayod Bamboo Eyewear creates handcrafted sunglasses from the most renewable natural resource in the world: bamboo. They also create prescription ready bamboo frames for more practical uses like reading and clearer vision. They are based in the Philippines as well. Bayod Bamboo Eyewear is super comfortable and lightweight. It floats on water!

You may talk to them directly here: Bayod Eyewear Messenger Chat

2. Bamboo Thermal Tumbler

For the on-the-go worker, this handy product is the perfect buy! The Bamboo PH is a also based in the Philippines and distribute travelling essentials like the bamboo tumbler, bamboo straws and bamboo cutlery. With it’s high end style and practical application like storing hot coffee or prolonging the ice coldness of your favorite milktea, this is a must have product for anyone working in concrete jungles where drinking water and cold beverage are packed in plastic bottles.

3. Zero Waste Grocery

For every time you cash out of a supermarket or grocery store, you take with you a load of plastic packaging that will never be used again. Imagine a sachet of shampoo, after serving it’s purpose of containing a 20mL shampoo cream, it will be tossed out and never be used again. It only adds more to the ever increasing volume of single-use plastic in our streets, landfills, rivers and oceans.

The concept of a Zero Waste Grocery is this: Bring your own containers! This way, you only truly pay for what you need. Just the product. No extra packaging, no single use plastic waste. Prices are charged by weight. Aside from it’s eco-friendly aspect,zero waste grocery is also a good way of only buying what you need. The weighing process adds more focus to how much you actually want to buy and you are not forced to pay for surplus product.

There is one particular zero waste grocery founded in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. The Happy Earth Store is a labor of love. They are also accepting offers for franchising. So in case you want to start a movement in your own city, talk to them.

4. Shampoo Bars

As mentioned, the sachet economy has been very damaging to mother nature. Truly, convenience comes with a price. Eco Bar PH creates handmade solid shampoo free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, synthetic dyes and plastic packaging. Yes, that is right! Because it looks like soap, it has no need of plastic packaging.

They smell super good too with a variety of natural scents and natural active ingredients, Eco Bar PH has taken us by surprise.


5. Bamboo Toothbrush

Seems too much, right? Read this: The average American will throw away 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime.

Toothbrush need to be disposed and who knows what happens to all the brushes we’ve used before? The folks at Mahiana Movement are promoting a ZERO-WASTE LIFESTYLE through Life Giving Sustainables.

So that’s it for now! Who would have thought that these brands actually exist here in the Philippines. The plastic production never stops because it is business. It is profitable and more convenient.

In turn, we should also never cease in our effort to reject plastic items.

Remember, you can make a difference! Start with the small things and let’s do it all together!


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