5 Reasons You Will Love Bamboo Sunglasses


1. Bamboo Sunglasses are eco-friendly & sustainable

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. Using highly renewable materials like bamboo is more ethical than the traditional acetate/plastic material. Bayod Bamboo Eyewear only uses real bamboo stalks to create their bamboo sunglasses.

2. Nature will never go out of style

You can never go wrong with earth colors. It’s the natural and fresh color that makes it compliment any type of color palette. The natural color of bamboo blend in to your outfit unlike its plastic counterparts that tend to outshine the entire look with its shiny and bright colors.

Low-key making you look better!

3. Every Pair of Sunglasses is Unique

No such thing as an identical stalk of bamboo. Each pair of bamboo sunglasses has its own unique story. This fact makes your bamboo eyewear truly one of a kind!

4. Bamboo is Tougher Than Plastic

Mother nature wins! In the contest of durability, bamboo is definitely more reliable than synthetic eyewear materials. This durable quality is made sure by using only matured bamboo stalks. We only use matured bamboo stalks to ensure full strength and avoid over harvesting of bamboo raw materials.

Click here to see how Bayod Bamboo Eyewear are crafted.

5. Even The Packaging is Eco-Friendly

Yes! Even our protective casing is made of bamboo! It comes FREE with every Bayod Bamboo Eyewear!

We guarantee that all Bayod Bamboo Sunglasses are made of real bamboo, lightweight (floats on water), comfortable, handcrafted with love and provide quality glare protection. Real bang for your buck!

We hope you enjoyed this short and sweet list of reasons you are going to love your bamboo sunglasses! You may check out our full catalog here.

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