What Is Our Story?

A Passion For Sustainable Lifestyle

Bayod started as a passion for sustainable lifestyle and the lack of means to fully get into it. Wooden sunglasses were at its peak in the global scene in the year 2015. Lead designer and Founder Rowil and Raphaelle saw that these sunglasses can become a great vehicle to spreading awareness about sustainable living and igniting more innovations to make the human daily life less plastic-dependent.

Rowil and Raphaelle discovered in late-2015 there is a large market gap in the eco-friendly eyewear business. The prices dictated by leading brands were not practical and were too high – especially to the average person. Rowil recalls a customer review of one of the leading wood eyewear brands where the customer says: “Eco-friendly nga yung eyewear, pero hindi naman budget-friendly.”

This has become one of the core causes of Bayod Eyewear, to not only bridge the gap between sustainability and style, but also to make the pricing as practical as possible without compromising quality. What’s the point of creating a great, high quality product if only a few people are able to buy it?

Our eyewear frames are handcrafted from responsibly-sourced bamboo within the ASEAN Free Trade Area. We know that bamboo is the most sustainable material for our production. With its durability and aesthetic quality, it is the best raw material to making eco-friendly eyewear. Every pair of sunglasses is a unique work of art. Not one pair is the same. Our batches are quality checked and curated here in Mindanao to make sure the item delivered to you are in top quality.

We are also active supporters of local lifestyle with great bias in the Mindanao and Visayas local scene. So we are always looking for collaborations with other companies with the heart to serve our driving principle: Bridging the gap between style and the love for nature.

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