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If you are reading this blog, there is a huge chance that you are an out-and-proud environmentalist, loves living in the island, or recycles single-use plastics like a religion.  You could even take pride in sharing every global warming awareness content in the internet and don’t mind spending 5 minutes on signing that online petition to protect the Philippine forests; whatever the reasons you consider yourself as an eco-warrior, you will surely be thrilled to know that sunglasses made from bamboo are just a few clicks away.

Living Green is a beautiful thing

It really is true that living green in the Filipino setting is harder than it is abroad. The “impracticality” of choosing to avoid plastic does not appeal to the common Filipino and is often time frowned upon, if not ridiculed. But globalization has reinforced the will of Filipino eco-warriors to continue living a life stripped off of daily commodities that take hundreds of years to decompose. One plastic bag at a time, one day at a time. We commend the individuals who choose to take the road less traveled. You are a hero in your own way.



Stylish and eco-friendly sunglasses

So it’s no surprise that Sunglasses made from bamboo will appeal to all you eco-lovers because these items are made of natural, highly renewable material and it does not affect the planet, as much as its traditional metal and plastic forefathers. Bamboo is highly sustainable as it grows quickly even in the poorest conditions and continues to grow after being cut down. Also, wooden sunglasses, when damaged beyond repair or simply no longer needed, are easier to dispose of in a non-destructive way, as discarded bamboo can decompose.

What Bayod Eyewear Philippines is trying to do is add to the growing number of eco-friendly alternatives to our daily commodities. We believe in the human desire to look good through style. Our value is in bridging the gap between style and sustainability. Look great while living the green life – that is one of our driving principles.

As bamboo sunglasses have become popular only recently, some brands have taken advantage of its novelty and have set the pricing high. To the common Filipino, this further alienates the idea of living green. However, since Bayod Eyewear Philippines operates mainly online, we have lessened our costs of production and distribution in order to come up with a much friendlier pricing. Bringing the style in green living much closer to you.



Make green, greener.

Learning to live an eco-friendly life can be like learning how to win at chess, in the sense that over time, through practice, you will inadvertently come across more and more ways of doing it better. Owning a pair of bamboo glasses will surely get you a lot of compliment and make an encounter unforgettable but more than anything, we hope that our collection of high quality bamboo sunglasses help you enhance your green lifestyle further while meeting all of your practical needs in eyewear.



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