5 Reasons You Will Love Bamboo Sunglasses

1. Bamboo Sunglasses are eco-friendly & sustainable Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. Using highly renewable materials like bamboo is more ethical than the traditional acetate/plastic material. Bayod Bamboo Eyewear only uses real bamboo stalks to create their bamboo sunglasses. 2. Nature will never go out of style You can never go […]

This is How Bamboo Sunglasses are Made

Bamboo Sunglasses are usually seen as a novelty item. But contrary to what most people believe, bamboo sunglasses are as durable as your  regular plastic eyewear. What we love about our Bayod Bamboo Eyewear is that every piece is a unique creation. Since each frame and arms are cut from real bamboo, you can be […]

Bayod Eyewear: The Green Light To Green living

If you are reading this blog, there is a huge chance that you are an out-and-proud environmentalist, loves living in the island, or recycles single-use plastics like a religion.  You could even take pride in sharing every global warming awareness content in the internet and don’t mind spending 5 minutes on signing that online petition […]