Bamboo Sunglasses are usually seen as a novelty item. But contrary to what most people believe, bamboo sunglasses are as durable as your  regular plastic eyewear.

What we love about our Bayod Bamboo Eyewear is that every piece is a unique creation. Since each frame and arms are cut from real bamboo, you can be sure that your bamboo eyewear is like no other!

The highlight of this video is our flagship model – Kawajan Series. A design taken from the classic Wayfarer in an effort to create a sustainable alternative to its timeless look.

We shared a video of how our bamboo eyewear are created. We hope that this video gives you a deeper appreciation of what each bamboo eyewear is all about — craftsmanship and hard work.

We take pride in the quality of our bamboo sunglasses. In fact, most of our pioneer customers still have their first Bayod Bamboo Sunglasses! Talk about durability and practicality.

Don’t Panic! It’s Organic!

We only harvest and use fully matured bamboo stalks for our sunglasses. Finish watching the video and be amazed!